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About Susan Lawless

With each project comes both a discovery of the world I live in and of self. The project commences as a leap into the unknown: a gathering and experimenting with ideas, sometimes rejected and other times a welcome surprise. It proceeds with an investigation into whatever connection there may be within me and my environment. Discovery, creation and expression feed my spirit and cushion the landing of the leap. Original ideas may shift. Many times I am taken to places that I did not intend but remained open to. With the conclusion of this journey comes a feeling of accomplishment, a result of gaining knowledge, understanding, awareness and clarity. However, the end never feels like the end. It feels more like an arbitrary line I have drawn that says this is it for now. It is leaving the arms of an old friend who will be very much missed until a new project fills its place . . . But, even as I take the leap into the next project, I always know I will revisit the old friend.

Henry David Thoreau, written in his diary in August 1851: "The question is not what you look at but what you see."


  • Scarab Club Photography

  • Canton Fine Arts

  • Ann Arbor Art Fair

  • University of Michigan School of Social Work

  • Dancing Dog Art Gallery

  • Jesse Besser Museum

  • Great Frame Up

  • Sara Jane Photography & Fine Art Gallery

  • Legacy Land Conservancy

  • Cafe Verde

  • The News Arts & Antiques

Workshops and Presentations

  • WCC Digitizers Photographic Club

  • Alpena Focus on Fun Camera Club

  • University of Michigan School of Social Work

  • Alpena Community College

  • Alcona Arts Retreat


  • Old West Side News

  • Women 2 Women Magazine

  • Poetry Society of Michigan


  • Holiday Card Contest

  • Ann Arbor Camera Club

  • Jesse Besser Museum juried exhibit

  • Canton Fine Arts juried exhibit

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